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At wkCommercialGroup, we make sure to understand our clients’ businesses and place a premium on highly successful transaction execution. 

From our perspective, it’s more rewarding to achieve optimal transaction execution for a select few clients than brag about many transactions for numerous clients. We have successfully represented all kinds of companies from start-ups to publicly traded companies and the basic formula is the same.



Evaluation of the business, space requirements, industry competitor/ stability, space use, and growth requirements and any specific and or unique space requirements.


In depth review and evaluation of select options with client, user group and other required professionals concluding with final options to narrow down


Educate on market conditions, expectations, and transaction dynamics


Transaction offer and bid process, negotiations with final options along with financial analysis of each alternative


Analytical selection of opportunities, confirmation of transaction parameters/ suitability for client, and presentation of all options for consideration.



Lease review with client’s attorney along with managing user group input and architectural/construction planning 

While space availability and vacancy information are readily available to anyone and all brokers; optimal transaction execution is based on the depth of the commercial real estate professionals review and analysis of the data, marketplace, and understand a client's need not only today but how it might change over the term of the lease, among other elements.   

There is no cost associated with our services. Our fee is paid by the landlord.


If you are happy in your current space, extending your lease term is usually the easiest, most efficient, and most cost-effective solution for your business… HOWEVER, IT’S NOT ALWAYS THE BENEFICIAL OR MOST COST EFFECTIVE! 


At wkCommericalGroup, we look at a lease renewal as a brand-new lease transaction.  We do this not because we want our clients to relocate. Actually, quite to the contrary.  While renewing can be the most cost-effective transaction for a tenant, it’s not always the case.


Landlords know that tenants don’t like to move and, in many instances, will capitalize on the fact most tenants choose the path of least resistance. It’s often the case that tenants who renew without professional representation pay on average about 7% more than the going market rate.  Just as landlords have representation for their interests, tenants need an expert negotiating on their behalf and looking after their needs during lease renewals and/or expansions/contractions within existing office buildings.


We encourage all tenants when faced with a lease renewal to evaluate their specific set of circumstances based on current market conditions and their company’s office requirements with the same vigor and due diligence as an office relocation. 


When addressing lease renewals, we strive to achieve optimum results by creating a competitive negotiating environment between the current landlord and competing landlords in the area. We have the background and expertise to understand landlords’ negotiating tactics as well as accurately access the cost differential between renewing a tenant in the same space versus replacing that very same tenant. 


wkCommericalGroup’s ability to leverage knowledge of the marketplace during negotiations with landlords will secure the best possible terms for our clients.


The wkCommercialGroup Lease Renewal Process:
  • Evaluation of current lease

  • Comparison evaluation of existing and competitive properties

  • Strategy planning

  • Alternative property inspection

  • Site planning and selection

  • Financial analysis

  • Transaction negotiations with existing and/or alternative landlords

  • Architectural & construction planning

  • Lease review with client’s attorney


Like all other commercial tenant-representation services provided by real estate brokers in Texas, there usually is no cost associated to the tenant as landlord typically pays our market rate transaction fee


Relocation is an opportunity for a company to enhance its corporate identity, productivity, and ability to attract talent. It is a complex process that considers location, occupancy costs, construction/tenant allowance, building amenities, and landlords’ disposition.

wkCommercialGroup understands these issues and is dedicated to fulfilling the strategic goals of the tenants we represent. To provide the highest level of service and counsel, you will be personally guided throughout the relocation process to ensures that all issues are addressed.


Our approach is always direct communication and well thought out and tested strategies.

The wkCommercialGroup Relocation Process:
  • Evaluation of office requirements and corporate culture

  • Property surveying

  • Property inspections

  • Site planning and selection

  • Financial analysis

  • Transaction negotiations

  • Architectural & construction planning

  • Lease review with client’s attorney


Like all other commercial tenant-representation services provided by real estate brokers in Texas, there usually is no cost associated to the tenant, as landlord typically pays our market rate transaction fee.



If you are looking to relocate your business or help offset your overhead by finding another tenant to share part of your space, wkCommercialGroup can help you. Subleasing is an invaluable tool for any company and can be used for cost cutting, consolidation, relocation or securing future expansion space. During the tern of a lease, a business cycle can change and subleasing can become an advantageous option.

With more than three decades of experience in Tenant Representation and agency assignments, the Principals of wkCommericalGroup have the knowledge and expertise to determine the value of a sublease and orchestrate a marketing campaign designed to attract potential subtenants.


Through a two-pronged marketing approach, we target appropriate companies and the commercial brokerage industry. By promoting your office space to the brokerage community, wkCommericalGroup is able to attract qualified and financially stable subtenants on a domestic and international scale.

The wkCommercialGroup Sublease Process:
  • Lease evaluation

  • Analysis of future rent stream

  • Evaluation of competitive sublet and direct space

  • Strategy planning

  • Production of marketing material

  • Target companies and commercial brokerage industry

  • Financial analysis

  • Sublease negotiations

  • Review of term sheet and sublease document with an attorney

  • Architectural and construction planning

  • Finalization and delivery of consent documents


wkCommericalGroup, in partnership with our KW Commercial associates, offers services specializing in land brokerage and development services possess an exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence the land brokerage transaction and have the extensive experience and contacts to get the deal done right. Working in coordination with our other specialties, our land brokerage services include:

  • Sales leasing and negotiation

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Site selection and demographics

  • Valuation services

  • Entitlement and approval services

  • Infrastructure analysis

  • Environmental resource constraints



wkCommericalGroup, in partnership with our KW Commercial associates, provides the very highest level of service to investors with superior market knowledge and can deliver valuation and analysis of market trends. Our associates have expertise in sales, acquisition, development, finance and valuation, which extends to conventional office, multi-family properties,  apartment portfolios, condo development and conversions, student housing and residential income development land. 


Whether you are selling a single asset or national portfolio, our associates provide you with unparalleled market information, brokerage advisory, acquisition, disposition and financial guidance to help you achieve the highest level of results. If expanding your portfolio is the objective, our local experts can help you identify and acquire properties that meet or exceed your investment goals.


  • Finding the right property management company

  • Providing current rental and vacancy data

  • Assessing local rent control issues

  • Assisting with tenant leasing

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